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Farm Tips

There are some things every parent needs to remember. This is an outdoor event, and sometimes things get a little dirty.

  • Bring extra clothes just in case. Especially if it has rained recently. The second a kid sees water and mud you know that's where they'll be.
  • Keep little ones away from areas marked off by tape or barriers and fence lines.
  • Bring any medicine needed for kids if they have a pre existing condition like asthma. They will be running a lot. The air is dry in December so be prepared.
  • Let me know if there are any special needs children. I want everyone to have fun and will do my best to accommodate.
  • If your child gets a bump, or ant bite, or anything else let me know. I will have plenty of meds to help the issue.
  • We have a fire station complete with paramedics right down the street. I am a retired paramedic who’s had lots of experience handling children’s emergencies as well. Never hesitate to ask for help no matter the problem.
  • Bringing your own food. All I ask is you keep your food in the car until you eat, and then clean up once done so others can sit at a table.
  • If you smoke I will have an area out of the way. Please be considerate of others and please put the butts in the designated container.

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